Our camp stretches approx. 400 m between a hill and the sea. It includes 15 bungalows, 8 huts (simple and special), a clay building, two sets of shared bathrooms, some comfortable arishas (shadow places) as well as a dome and our cafeteria.

On our Moonside you can find the cafeteria, bungalows & simple huts and a set of women and men’s shared bathroom. The bungalows are individually arranged on a sloped hill. They are situated about 30 m off the sea and are located closer to the restaurant than the Starside-bungalows. The huts are situated close to the cafeteria and some are directly next to the sea.

Our Starside accommodates bungalows, the dome, the clay building and a set of women and men’s shared bathroom. The bungalows are arranged on a plain area in a semicircle, about 30 m away from the sea. They are closer to the street and further away from the restaurant than the Moonside bungalows.

Simple Huts

The simple huts are made of bamboo/wood and are furnished in a basic way with mattresses, which are directly placed on a carpet on top of gravel, a little shelf, mirror, carpets and electricity during the evening. Each hut has a small front porch with cushions and a table.

Price per night incl. breakfast and dinner. 

Price are per hut:
Single    27-33,- €
Double  48,- €


The bungalows are made of bamboo/reed mats and have a wooden roof with palm leaves. They are furnished more generously than the huts and are more spacious (except for the family hut) with a tiled floor, a wooden bed, shelf, carpet, mirror, fan and electricity during the evening. Each bungalow has a front porch with chairs and a table as well. Most bungalows are double rooms, except for a few triple bungalows.

Nr. 15+16, Nr. 20+21 as well as Nr. 27+28 are Twin Rooms, composing of two rooms with an own access each. Both are divided by a terrace and suited together for a family or group of up to 5 people. Prices are as normal Bungalows, see below. 


Price per night incl. breakfast and dinner. 

Prices are per Bungalow:
Single    38,- €
Double  60,- €

Triple     81,- € 

Special Huts & Clayroom

Our Family hut Nr. 2 is situated on the Moonside and suitable for up to 5 people. It looks just like a simple hut from the outside only that it’s more spacious and has a larger front porch. It is equipped with two double beds, a convertible sofa bed, shelves and carpets.

Our Fisherman’s hut looks like a normal hut from the outside, but is more spacious from the inside and has a 'french bed'. The hut is located between the Moon-and Starside and is comparably isolated from the others and closer to the cafeteria than the Starside bungalows. It has a comfortable Arisha directly nearby and is directly by the sea. A natural stone heap in front of the hut offers a good entrance to the sea (without corals to damage). During the night "luminous fish" can be observed near the rocks. It's suitable for 2 people (french bed).

Our Clay house was completed in the beginning of 2012. We offer one room of our clay house which is sheltered from the wind and warmer, particularly during the wintertime. It is suitable for up to 3-4 people, as it's equipped with a double bed, one single bed and a sleeping sofa (suitable only for children).

Price per night incl. breakfast and dinner.

Prices are per Room:

Single            38,- €
Double          60,- €
Triple             81,- €

Quadruple  100,- €

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