RockSea is an eco seaside camp for lovers of simplicity who can nonetheless appreciate the availability of electricity during the evening, two sets of shared women & men’s bathrooms and a simple daily changing menu.

We offer 23 straw huts and wooden bungalows spread over a 400 m stretch of rocky cliffs and coral beach (no sandy beach).

Our Camp is running 100% on solar energy. We have an off-grid solar system and are storing our energy in batteries. We are therefore trying to keep the consumption as low as possible, meaning that electricity inside the rooms may only be available in the evening for a few hours. We do not have any rooms with AC or private bathrooms.

For us, luxury has a different meaning. The camp is equipped with everything essential for living - not more. Nothing should disturb the perception of the sometimes harsh Sinai nature. Starry nights, desert winds and the sound of the sea.

            This experience is what we came for and what we would like to share with our guests.


Our camp lies on a 400 meter rocky beach strech between a hill and the sea. It includes 15 bungalows, 8 huts (simple and special), a clay building, 2 shared bathrooms, some comfortable arishas (shadow places) as well as a Dome and our cafeteria.

On our Moonside you can find the cafeteria, bungalows & simple huts and a set of women and men’s shared bathroom. The bungalows are individually arranged on a sloped hill. They are situated about 30 m off the sea and are located closer to the restaurant than the Starside-bungalows. The bamboo huts are situated close to the cafeteria and some are directly next to the sea.

Our Starside accommodates bungalows, the dome, the clay building and a set of women and men’s shared bathroom. The bungalows are arranged on a plain area in a semicircle, about 30 m away from the sea. They are closer to the street and further away from the restaurant than the Moonside-bungalows.



In order to give our guests the opportunity and the space to organise seminars and workshops, we have built "the Dome". The Dome is a round, 50 m2 tent, which gives protection from sun and wind and is located at the northern end of RockSea right at the shore with magnificent view at the Saudi Arabian mountain range. The Dome has a wooden floor and it's sides are covered by detachable canvas curtains. If you are interested in offering a seminar or workshop, please contact us in advance so we can make individual preparations and arrangements. Either dancing or music, yoga, presentations, meditation or acting... we will try to fulfil your wishes and needs in the best way possible.

It is also possible to book an extra self-service kitchen for groups who would like to be more independent. Please contact us for more details.


Located between the continents of Africa and Asia, the Sinai Peninsula can be compared to an immense triangular wedge. Circumscribed from three sides: in the West by the Suez Canal, in the North by the Mediterranean Sea, and in the North-East by the Israeli border - all together Sinai stretches over more than approx. 61,000 km B2.

"Wild scenery and the Red Sea form an impressive scenery of dramatic contrasts."

Gravel and grit surfaces pass over into a charming dune scenery. A softly deepened wadi ends in a wildly cleft gulch. In the Eastern Gulf of Aqaba eroded reddish granite mountains from 2000-meter height fall nearly vertically into the deep blue water of the sea. The miraculous clear starry night follows the dusty, glowing midday heat - these impressions and the changing light conditions and incomparable contrasts are what makes Sinai become an unforgettable experiences.