Sinai, Simple, Natural, Exclusive...

Located between the continents of Africa and Asia, the Sinai Peninsula can be compared to an immense triangular wedge. Circumscribed from three sides: in the West by the Suez Canal, in the North by the Mediterranean Sea, and in the North-East by the Israeli border - all together Sinai stretches over more than approx. 61,000 km B2.

"Wild scenery and the Red Sea form an impressive scenery of dramatic contrasts."

Gravel and grit surfaces pass over into a charming dune scenery. A softly deepened wadi ends in a wildly cleft gulch. In the Eastern Gulf of Aqaba eroded reddish granite mountains from 2000-meter height fall nearly vertically into the deep blue water of the sea. The miraculous clear starry night follows the dusty, glowing midday heat - these impressions and the changing light conditions and incomparable contrasts are what makes Sinai become an unforgettable experiences.